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NAME: Joe Rice
MUSIC STYLES: Deepness: downtempo, broken beat, house, electro...

Without A Sound, Pt. 2 Midtempo mix (2007) [MP3:192k]
Two Miles Before Dawn Downtemp mix done for James & Kati Kim's Doe store (2005) [MP3:256k]
Clocktalkin'  Downtempo mix (2002) [MP3:192k]
Dogpatch Rock Middling Beats (2002) [MP3:128k]
Between Hours Classic downtempo mix (1998) [MP3: 160k]

TOUR OF DUTY: Has played in Amsterdam, Wales, Tokyo, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Vancouver, Reno, etc.


Cloud Factory  Friends and Family   MAD  Sabotage  Static  Urb Magazine  The Gathering  XLR8R Magazine

Memorial Day 1997 - 750 miles, 2 states, 3 gigs, and a Smokey & the Bandit-like drive to make it from an SF massive via a hidden Oregon forest gathering to a Portland club in a space of 18 hours. Ask Joe Rice why he'd engage in such a rigorous pursuit and he's likely to answer "for the Pabst," but don't let that fool you - he prefers single-malt scotch. Willing to make almost any sacrifice so the music gets heard, Rice has been widely appreciated for his diverse and eclectic musical taste in San Francisco's underground scene for over 5 years. Primarily focused on finding the deepest shades of abstraction in downtempo, house, and techno, he's as adept at spinning late night torch songs to a laidback chill room crowd in Tokyo as he is mixing up deep house and techno for some early morning groove therapy back home.

While living in Los Angeles, he founded the Dub night @ Louis XIV with Monty Luke and Markem X before moving to San Francisco in 1994. Already stepping out of the diluted scene of Los Angeles with a like-minded group of house-heads and warehouse-breakers in Santa Barbara known as the Justice League Sound System, San Francisco's varied musical landscape seemed like mecca. He'd already connected with Friends & Family - a group with whom he found a common interest and great lessons in selfless celebration for the community at large, a welcome change from the less visceral motives then prevalent in Los Angeles. Within the year, Rice was displaying his love for Detroit techno as a resident at the seminal techno club Mad, which exposed SF to such groundbreaking artists as Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Mark Broom, Alan Oldham, Dave Clarke, Mixmaster Morris, and Alec Empire, along with the best local talent.talent.

After Mad's two year run, Rice continued to DJ around the US and world, while holding down a tech related day job - a common dichotomy in the SF area. At the same time, he was nurturing a second love - for words. One time editor of the Abstract section for Urb, he currently writes for other publications including XLR8R, keeping a close ear on the wonder and innovation found in today's musical culture. When he's not mixing metaphors or records [or ungodly screeches in his own studio], he's likely mixing up words on a Scrabble board or one of his legendary chocolate martinis.

Rice is currently affiliated with numerous events and organizations. On a weekly basis, he appears playing downtempo, minimal techno, and other chill grooves at Minimal Monday at Hush Hush while remaining part of Static (focusing on one-off events, having ended its run as a weekly), which has been a prominent force in bringing worldwide underground talent to SF from every scene from experimental to techno to drum & bass to SF for the past two years. On the large event scene, Rice has long been a resident at The Gathering, one of the Bay Area's longest running and most spiritual massives and he continues affiliations with the Justice League Sound System, Friends & Family, RhythMethod and the Cloud Factory.